We the People: Elementary
The third edition of We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution for upper elementary students explores the history and principles of constitutional democracy in the United States. The text features a new section on the Electoral College, updated material on when it is fair and reasonable to limit free speech, and new and updated four-color graphics. The new teacher's edition includes culminating performance assessment materials and a bibliography of children's literature. 244 pages, 2011

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We the People: Elementary Student Book, Softcover
We the People: Elementary Teacher's Guide
We the People: Elementary Classroom Set, Softcover
Foundations of Democracy Elementary
(Suggested grades 35)

Each concept of the elementary level series is featured in a separate text. Elementary classroom sets include 15 student books of each concept (60 books total) and one teacher's guide. Student books are packaged in four individual display boxes containing 15 copies of each concept.
Foundations Elementary Student Books
Foundations of Democracy Elementary Teacher's Guide
Foundations of Democracy Elementary Classroom Set
Foundations of Democracy Primary
(Suggested grades K2)

Each concept in the primary level is colorfully illustrated in an oversized storybook and a student activity book.

The oversized storybooks are
  • Orb and Effy Learn About Authority,
  • Jessica Fish Learns About Privacy,
  • The Zookeeper Learns About Responsibility, and
  • Fair Bears Learn About Justice.
    These titles are intended for prereaders and include instructional guides.

    The activity books are
  • Learning About Authority,
  • Learning About Privacy,
  • Learning About Responsibility, and
  • Learning About Justice.
    These books are based on the storybook sets and are geared toward first- and second-graders.

    Classroom sets include 15 copies of each activity book (60 books total), a teacher's guide and four storybooks with individual prereader guides.
  • Foundations of Democracy Primary Books
    Foundations of Democracy Primary Teacher's Guide
    Foundations of Democracy Primary Storybook Set
    Foundations of Democracy Primary Classroom Set