American Legacy
A pocket-sized guide to the nation’s primary documents.

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Public Policymaking in a Democratic Society
This guide provides an overview of public policymaking that will equip citizens to participate more effectively in the policymaking process.

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National Standards for Civics & Government
These K–12 standards specify what students should know and be able to do in the field of civics and government.

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California Civic Education Scope & Sequence
Describes ways in which civic education content and skills are introduced in the primary grades and built on through high school. Includes a matrix displaying standards, sample applications, and resources.

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CIVITAS: A Framework for Civic Education
A comprehensive K–12 model for civic education, CIVITAS sets forth in detail the civic knowledge, skills, dispositions, and commitments necessary for effective citizenship in the twenty-first century.

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Comparative Lessons for Democracy
Comparative Lessons for Democracy offers exciting strategies and current materials for teaching about this complex and rapidly changing region of the world. The volume includes 35 lesson plans and resource materials intended for use in high school government, comparative government, world history or current affairs classes. In addition to detailed information about conducting the lesson, lesson plans contain copy-ready student handouts, background readings, and original essays from Central and Eastern European scholars.

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Elements of Democracy
Elements of Democracy explores the range of ideas that make up the vocabulary of democracy. An excellent resource for high school, college, and adult audiences.

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Representative Democracy in America:  Voices of the People
A seven-part video series and instructional materials. Available on DVD. Grades 5–12.
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Spectacular Things Happen Along the Way<p>
What happens when a teacher resists the pressures of “teaching to the test” and creates a curriculum based on student needs, wants, and desires? Brian Schultz did just that when he challenged his students from a housing project in Chicago to name a problem in their community that they wanted to solve. When the students unanimously focus on replacing their dilapidated school building, an unforgettable journey is put into motion.

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Spectacular Things Happen Along the Way

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