We the People Elementary School, Third Edition 2011
The third edition of We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution for upper elementary students explores the history and principles of constitutional democracy in the United States. The text features a new section on the Electoral College, updated material on when it is fair and reasonable to limit free speech, and new and updated four-color graphics. The teacher's edition includes culminating performance assessment materials and a bibliography of children's literature. 244 pages, 2011

We the People: Elementary Student Book, Softcover
The 2011 edition of the upper-elementary book features a new section on the Electoral College, new full-color graphics and updated content on free speech limits.

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We the People: Elementary Teacher's Guide
The teacher's edition features instructional materials in a wraparound of the entire student text, with resources for holding culminating performance assessments, a multiple-choice test, and a bibliography of children's literature.

Price: $21.00
We the People: Elementary Classroom Set, Softcover
Classroom sets include 30 student books and a teacher's edition which includes instructional guides, a multiple-choice test, performance assessment materials, and a bibliography.

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