We the People: Middle School
We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution for middle grades is composed of 6 units and 29 lessons that use critical-thinking exercises, cooperative-learning practices and a culminating authentic performance assessment to teach the history and principles of constitutional democracy.
Project Citizen Level 1 Student Book, Second Edition
The level 1 text enhances instruction by providing tips from Project Citizen teachers and emphasizes the fundamentals of the public policymaking process. (Suggested for grades 58)
© 2008, 62 pages

Price: $17.00
(Order 10 or more copies at $16 per copy)
Project Citizen Level 1 Teacher's Guide, Second Edition
The teacher's guide includes instructions and sample worksheets for use in creating a portfolio and holding a culminating showcase. © 2009, pages 100

Price: $20.00
Project Citizen Level 1 Classroom Set, Second Edition
Suggested for grades 5-8. The classroom set includes 30 student books and a teacher's guide.

Price: $298.00