We the People: Project Citizen
Project Citizen is a civic education program for middle, secondary, post-secondary students and youth or adult groups. Project Citizen promotes competent and responsible participation in state, local and federal government. It actively engages people in learning how to monitor and influence public policy. The final product is a portfolio that may be presented before other classes, groups or community organizations. Project Citizen is administered nationally by the Center for Civic Education in cooperation with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Project Citizen Level 1 Student Book
The level 1 text enhances instruction by providing tips from Project Citizen teachers and emphasizes the fundamentals of the public policymaking process. (Suggested for grades 58)
© 2008, 62 pages

Price: $15.00
(Order 10 or more copies at $14 per copy)
Project Citizen Level 1 Teacher's Guide
The teacher's guide includes instructions and sample worksheets for use in creating a portfolio and holding a culminating showcase. © 2009, pages 100

Price: $18.00
Project Citizen Level 1 Classroom Set
Suggested for grades 5-8. The classroom set includes 30 student books and a teacher's guide.

Price: $271.00
Project Citizen Level 2 Student Book
Designed for use by secondary students or adults, Project Citizen (Level 2) introduces students to the citizen's role in the public policymaking process. It can also be used with groups of adults who are interested in becoming more effectively involved in community affairs. © 2010, 86 pages

Price: $15.00
Order 10 or more copies at $14 per copy
Project Citizen Level 2 Teacher's Guide
Designed for use by secondary students or adults. © 2010, 135 pages

Price: $18.00
Project Citizen Level 2 Classroom Set
A civic education program designed to foster the development of students' interest and ability to participate competently and responsibly in local and state government. Suggested for Secondary Students or Adults. The classroom set includes 30 student books and a teacher's guide.

Price: $314.00
Nosotros El Pueblo ... Proyecto Ciudadano
U.S. Spanish version of Project Citizen, designed to match up, page-by-page with the English version of the Level One text, so bilingual groups can seamlessly work together.